First tool
for hotel guest walking

With LodginGO, simplify the accommodations process & increase the occupancy rate while optimizing customer satisfaction.

01 How does it work?

In just a click, find a quick solution based on your needs thanks to our algorithm taking into account your star category and your position. Increase your occupancy rate by receiving customers from other hotels & corporations working with us.

You are a Corportation or a Hotel chain and you wish to be contacted by our team?

Walk a guest


Send a walk out request in few seconds

By providing necessary information


Accept the offer according to your needs

You are alerted in real time


Provide the dislodged customer(s) information

The customer card is then available


Download the invoice

Invoices are automatically generated after each operation



Instantly receive walk out requests

You are alerted in real time when a walk out request has been added on our platform


Respond to the request according to your needs

You can accept, refuse or make a counter-offer on a walk out demand according to your yield management


Welcome your new customer

Download the customer card and create the reservation on your PMS


Download the invoice

Invoices are automatically generated after each operation

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02 Advantages

Instant solution
In just a few clicks, find a quick solution for your customers
your visibility
Large hotel network: Increase your visibility and receive new customers
Customized alerts
You are notified in real time by VOIP & text message when a guest walk is requested on our platform. You can manage these alerts according to your needs
& customized offer
Free registration and competitive commission
Simplified and centralized administrative follow up
All the actions are saved on our platform. Invoices & customer data sheets are generated automatically after each operation and can be downloaded
Customized help
Our tool is adapted to your needs
Protection of data
& secured payments
Online payment offer & sensitive data protection
Innovative tool
The innovation of hotel services is our concern

Walk out today ,
receive tomorrow

How to use the platform

03 Our locations

The LodginGO network is currently available in Paris and very soon in large towns such as Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lille.